Welcome to the 9.Austrian Indian Tour!

After 4 years we finaly meet again! The 9.Austrian Indian Tour will be a wonderful reunion! Requested by many, we will ride the beautiful roads of Upper Austria. The area with its gentle hills and lush green vegetation invites to scenic rideouts and relaxed touring. The daily routes are planned relativly short and therefore we will have plenty of time for a chat and some cold drinks at the "beergarden" of our hotel. With the rideouts planned as star-shapped day routes, we will return to Bierhotel Ranklleiten every day.


The hills of Upper Austria

At the market square



Schedule of the Tour:

Tuesday, August 29th 2023:   Attention! PreTour evening! Florian Gsottbauer invites us for a logfire, grilling and camping one day before the official arrival!
    Who wants to arrive early, will meet us Tuesday late afternoon,
    or evening in 4632 - Pichl near Wels. Exact adress via email.
    We will take care for beverages and bread, but please bring things you want for grilling.
    There will be a large meadow ready for camping. Water line is provided. Garage for the bikes available.
    We will not offer room reservations for that evening.
Wednesday, August 30th 2023:   Individual arriving at Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
Thursday, August 31st 2023: 8.30 a.m. Good Morning! Start of the "Austrian Indian Tour 2023". Breakfast, leaving the Hotel.
Distance: 142km   Pettenbach, Wartberg, Nußbach, Waldneukirchen,
    Grünburg, Water Powerplant Lahndorf, Molln, Ramsau,
    Micheldorf, Pettenbach, Visit of the Motorcyclemuseum Vorchdorf,
    Overnight at Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
Friday, September 1st 2023: 8.30 a.m. Good Morning! Breakfast, leaving the Hotel.
Distance: 190km   Pettenbach, Inzersdorf / Kremstal, Grünburg, Großraming, Anger,
    Altenmarkt in St.Gallen, Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Break at the Puglalm,
    Hengstpass, Windischgarsten, Hinterstoder, Micheldorf,
    Overnight at Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
Saturday, September 2nd 2023: 8.30 a.m. Good Morning! Breakfast, leaving the Hotel.
Distance: 183km   Pettenbach, Sankt Konrad, Neunkirchen / Altmünster, Steinbach am Attersee,
    Schörfing, Litzlberg, Nussdorf am Attersee, Oberburgau, Mondsee,
    Weißenbach, Ebensee am Traunsee, Traunstein, Gmunden, Scharnstein,
    Overnight at Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
Sunday, September 3rd 2023:   Breakfast, heading home


Requirements to man and machine:

The Austrian Indian Tour is obviously planned as a ride. Without any hurry and always with time for fotostops and rests we will be in the saddle most of the time.

Important!!!: We will not have time for repairwork on our motorcycles while the tour is on its way. All motorcycles (1953 and older) have to be in perfect technical condition at the beginning of the tour. Each cycle has to be fully light equiped. Please make sure, that you are able to secure your machine with a chain, lock and cover. Oil has to be carried of each rider in suitable amounts.

Wearing timeperiod-correct clothing is mandatory while attending the tour. Try to avoid modern colors and materials. Excluded from this regulation are items important for safety, like raincloth and helmets. Wearing clubpatches is prohibited. Excluded from this regulation, are clubs promoting the vintage Indian motorcycle.


Accomodation and Board:

From Wednesday to Sunday we will stay at the Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
Roofed parking lots are reserved in limited numbers. Open parking available. Please bring a raincover, lock and chain.
Double Bedrooms, fully equiped.
3 course dinner with choice for the main dish, beverages not incl.
Breakfast buffet


Tour - Servicecar:

For the whole tour there will be a servicecar. Space for 2 motorcycles. We offer to transport small luggage and clean oilcanisters too.

Important: Sidecaroutfits can not be carried easily by the servicecar. In case of a breakdown of the machine, a secure place nearby (gasstation, hotel) to store the motorcycle will be found. The transport of the motorcycle will than be organized in the evening or at the end of the tour. Thats also for motorcycles without sidecar, if the servicecar is fully loaded.




4 Overnights as discribed above,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
overnight, dinner and breakfast at Bierhotel Ranklleiten.
excl. beverages
Tour - Servicecar
599,- Euro
per rider
569,- Euro
per guest / sozia


Booking for the Austrian Indian Tour 2023 has to be made throu e-mail or phone. Please transfer the attendancefee to the bankaccount wich will be given to you after contacting me. From all countries within the EU, an european banktransfer is free of charge. Canceling the booking is possible till 6 weeks before the event. Later the attendancefee will not be refunded. If you have any questions feel free to write or call.



Tel.: 0043 - 676 - 613 46 26